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List of Symposia for ICPP-7

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A wide range of symposia will be featured at the ICPP-7 as has been true for previous ICPP meetings

I. Electronic & Spectroscopy
1. Theoretical aspects of porphyrin spectroscopy (Martin Stillman, Nagao Kobayashi)
2. Non-linear optical properties of porphyrinoids (Daniel Gryko)
3. Electron transfer and applications (Francis D'Souza, Shunichi Fukuzumi, Dirk M. Guldi)
4. Nanometer scale scanning probe studies of porphyrins and phthalocyanines (Ursula Mazur, K. W. Hipps

II. Supramoleular & Self-Assembly Chemistry
5. Porphyrins (and phthalocyanines) in chiral molecular and supramolecular systems (Roberto Purrello, Nina Berova)
6. Supramolecular chemistry of artificial and bio-related porphyrins: Structure and Function (Koji Kano)
7. Lanthanide macrocycles: Syntheses, materials and devices (Marcel Bouvet, Jianzhuang Jiang)
8. Supramolecular porphyrin/phthalocyanine chemistry (Eugen Stulz)
9. Organometallic interactions in porphyrins, phthalocyanines, and their analogs (Chris Ziegler, Victor Nemykin)
III. Materials
10. Self-assembled porphyrin and phthalocyanine nanostructures: Theory, experiment and applications (John A. Shelnutt & Craig Medforth)
11. Dye-sensitized solar cells based on porphyrin sensitizers (Eric Wei-Guang Diau

IV. Synthesis and Properties
12. Subporphyrins, subphthalocyanines and derivatives: Synthesis and applications (Zhen Shen, Hiroko Yamada, Christian G. Claessens)
13. Advances in Phthalocyanines and Related Macrocycles (Salomé Rodríguez-Morgade, Rüdiger Faust, Michael J. Cook, Tomás Torres)
14. Synthetic chemistry and functionalization reactions of porphyrins (Mathias O. Senge, Christian Brueckner)
15. Ring-contracted porphyrinoid system (Zhen Shen, Hiroko Yamada, Christian G. Claessens)
16. Porphyrins and modified porphyrins (Hiroyuki Furuta, Chang-Hee Lee)
17. Natural porphyrinoid pigments: Structure, function, and synthesis (Bernhard Kräutler, Franz-Peter Montforts)

V. Catalysis & Sensing
18. Catalysis: From Asymmetric Catalysis to Catalysis in Water (Gérard Simonneaux & Chi-ming Che; Peter Zhang & Bas de Bruin)
19. Metalloporphyrin-Based Catalytic Processes (Gérard Simonneaux & Chi-ming Che; Peter Zhang & Bas de Bruin)
VI. Bio/Hemes
20. Experimental Spectroscopic Probes of intermediates in heme enzymes (Anabella Ivancich, James Kincaid)
21. Novel NMR approaches for the characterization of heme-containing proteins (Paola Turano)
22. Novel functions for heme proteins or heme proteins and their interaction pathways (Paola Turano)
23. The biochemistry of linear tetrapyrroles (Hugo Scheer, Kai-Hong Zhao)
24. Heme enzymes and model systems (John H. Dawson, Takashi Hayashi, Steve Sligar)
25. Application of resonance Raman spectroscopy to heme proteins and analogs (Giulietta Smulevich, Roman Czernuszewicz)

VII. Small Molecule Reactions
26. Small molecule activation by heme active sites in proteins and model complexes (Nicolai Lehnert, George Richter-Addo)
27. Oxygen activation and sensing by heme proteins (Teizo Kitagawa, Syun-Ru Yeh)
28. Activation of small molecules by heme and nonheme metal complexes (Wonwoo Nam)
29. Biological sensing and signal transduction systems involving heme or heme proteins (Shigetsohi Aono, Koichiro Ishimori)

VIII. PDT/Medicals
30. Non-PDT medicinal approaches (Zeev Gross, Jonathan Sessler)
31. Mechanism of 5-ALA in vivo and PDT mechanism (Norio Miyoshi, Hirofumi Matsui)
32. Nano-technology-based PDT (Woo-Dong Jang, Gang Zheng)
33. Strategies for optimizing tumor-imaging and therapy (Ravi Pandey, Young Key Shim)
34. Biochemistry of Aminolevulinic Acid and Porphyrins (Shun-ichiro Ogura, Tohru Tanaka)
35. Interaction of tetrapyrroles with nanostructures (Benjamin Ehrenberg, Alexander Macrobert)

IX. General Session
36. New Prospects in Porphyrin and Phthalocyanine Chemistry (ICPP-7 Organizing Committee)

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