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International Convention Center (ICC) Jeju
The Jeju International Convention Center is located in the Jungmun Sightseeing Complex at the southern end of The Jeju Special Self-governing Province. It is the most relaxing place in Korea. It takes about 50 minutes to get there by car from the airport, and it is adjacent to the southern seashore.

The Jungmun Sightseeing Complex is the largest and best resort-style sightseeing complex in Korea. It is perfect for summit meetings and international meetings, offering pleasant accommodation, convenient traffic conditions, telecommunications, and security. Leaders of many countries have attended summit meetings at ICC Jeju and regard it as an optimum place for such meetings.

ICC Jeju is clean, pleasant, and pollution-free. Its average yearly temperature is 14-15°C, and it has an oceanic climate that is warm even in winter. However, it does have four distinct seasons and is proud of its beautiful tourist sights.

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