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SPP/JPP Young Investigator Awards

Two scientists will be honored with SPP/JPP Awards at ICPP-7 in 2012. The names of the award winners are given below.

2012 (at ICPP-7) Hiromitsu Maeda
2012 (at ICPP-7) David Gonzalez Rodriguez

Previous Award Winners

2010 (at ICPP-6) Mahdi M. Abu-omar
2010 (at ICPP-6) Pall Thordarson
2010 (at ICPP-6) Zhen Shen

2008 (at ICPP-5) Kei Ohkubo
2008 (at ICPP-5) Alison Thompson
2008 (at ICPP-5) Daniel T. Gryko

2006 (at ICPP-4) David Goldberg
2006 (at ICPP-4) Steven J. Langford
2006 (at ICPP-4) Masayuki Takeuchi

2004 (at ICPP-3) Dirk Michael Guldi
2004 (at ICPP-3) Philip A. Gale
2004 (at ICPP-3) Maria da Graça H. Vicente
2004 (at ICPP-3) Alan Edward Rowan

2002 (at ICPP-2) Hiroshi Imahori
2002 (at ICPP-2) Michael J. Therien
2002 (at ICPP-2) Naoto Ishikawa

2000 (at ICPP-1) Anthony Burrell
2000 (at ICPP-1) Takashi Hayashi
2000 (at ICPP-1) Neil McKeown
2000 (at ICPP-1) Derck Schlettwein

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