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Handbook of Porphyrin Science

Porphyrin Handbook -1999 and 2003

The Porphyrin Handbook was edited by Karl Kadish, Kevin Smith and Roger Guilard and published in 20 volumes, the first ten by Academic Press in late 1999 and the next ten under the Academic Press/Elsevier logo in early 2003. A list of contents and names of contributing authors in this earlier series are given in the two links below

Vol 1 - 20 Contents
List of Authors (Vol 1-20)

Handbook of Porphyrin Science - 2010-2016

The same three editors -- Karl Kadish, Kevin Smith and Roger Guilard -- have now come together again to edit a new series of volumes under the title Handbook of Porphyrin Science which is published by World Scientific Publishing Company (WSPC) in a series of multiple five volume sets.

Seven five-volume sets were published between 2010 - 2014 and another five volume set is scheduled for publication in early 2016.

Attendees of ICPP-9 who purchase one or more 5 volume sets between August 1, 2015 and May 31, 2016 or recommend the purchase to their library during this time period will be given "Registration Assistance Grants" as described in the Grants and Awards section of this website.

The links to order forms for volumes 1-35 as well as the titles of volumes and chapters, author lists and Table of Contents can be accessed at the url below