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Important Information
Thu, Jun 8, 2017

Directions for Abstract Submission
Registering for Meeting as a non-Spp Member


Authors submitting abstracts for the first time will need to register their email on the submission site below.

First click the link "access for authors" and then go to the page entitled “Create your abstract submission account”. After entering your email address you will be sent a randomly generated password which is then entered on the access for authors page. After your email is registered, the same password is used for all future submissions.

The published deadline for receipt of invited symposium lectures is December 15, 2017 and that of contributed oral presentations is January 15, 2018. The published deadline for receipt of posters is February 15, 2018 although an earlier submission is suggested for students who wish to be considered for registration assistance grants. Abstracts will continue to be accepted after the published deadlines and will be considered for acceptance on a space available basis.

It is important that the names of all authors on the paper be added to the website submission form and not just the main author on the paper. This oversight can still be corrected by going back to the original submission, but if this is not done, the names of the missing co-authors will not appear as contributors to the paper in the index of the published program book.

The contributing author should carefully check the spelling of all co-author names on the paper, making sure that the first and last names are not reversed on the web submission form, since the indexing of contributors in the program book will be arranged alphabetically by the last name of the author.

Contributing authors should also note that participants must have completed a paid registration in order for their talk or poster to be formally accepted and scheduled for presentation.

As was the case at past ICPP meetings, each participant is limited to a maximum of one oral presentation and two posters. Multiple participants from the same lab can submit a total of 2x posters where x is the number of participants. Also students should not request an oral presentation since this will not be approved.

Formal acceptances of the abstract as an oral presentation or poster will be sent in the Spring to all presenting authors (after payment of the registration fees) but, if this letter is needed earlier, it can be requested from the meeting secretary whose contact numbers are given on the main page of the website.