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Lifetime Achievement Awards

Nominations now open for ICPP-11 in 2020
Four Lifetime Achievement Awards and one Thomas Dougherty Award for Excellence in PDT will be given at ICPP-11 to recognize outstanding senior scientists in the fields of PDT or porphyrins, phthalocyanines and related molecules. There is no minimum age requirement for the Lifetime awards, but priority will be given to recognizing individuals close to the formal age of retirement as opposed to mid-career superstars who would have many years remaining in their “Scientific Lifetime” as an active researcher. The awardees will receive an honorarium and present a lecture at the 2020 ICPP11 meeting in Buffalo NY, USA. They are also expected to submit a new review or original research manuscript to JPP, the official journal of the Society.

Nominations can be made by any member of SPP and should include the following items:
Curriculum vitae - two-page maximum
2. List of all publications, with indication of top 25 papers in the field of P, Pc and related molecules (or PDT for the Dougherty Award)
3. Citation h-index from Web of Science
4. Summary of Scientific Achievements in the field of PDT or P, Pc and related molecules - one page maximum
5. Summary of Service to the Scientific Community of candidate’s peers in the field of PDT or P, Pc and/or related molecules, with special emphasis on activities of benefit to SPP, ICPP and/or JPP - one page maximum.

The nomination package should be sent to Matthew Padgett in the Dijon SPP Office at prior to April 1, 2019. Additional details on the award and a list of past award winners are given below:

Previous Award Winners

Robert Burns Woodward Career Award in Porphyrin Chemistry
2018 (at ICPP-10) Jonathan S. Lindsey
2016 (at ICPP-9) Atsuhiro Osuka
2014 (at ICPP-8) Shunichi Fukuzumi
2012 (at ICPP-7) Maxwell Crossley
2010 (at ICPP-6) Roger Guilard
2008 (at ICPP-5) Jean-Pierre Sauvage
2006 (at ICPP-4) Kevin M. Smith
2004 (at ICPP-3) Sir Alan R. Battersby
2002 (at ICPP-2) David Dolphin
2000 (at ICPP-1) Emanuel Vogel

Hans Fischer Career Award in Porphyrin Chemistry
2018 (at ICPP-10) Zeev Gross
2016 (at ICPP-9) Jonathan L. Sessler
2014 (at ICPP-8) Devens Gust
2012 (at ICPP-7) Karl M. Kadish
2010 (at ICPP-6) John T. Groves
2008 (at ICPP-5) W. Robert Scheidt
2006 (at ICPP-4) Fred Anson
2004 (at ICPP-3) Raymond Weiss and Johann W. Buchler
2002 (at ICPP-2) James P. Collman
2000 (at ICPP-1) Hisanobu Ogoshi

Linstead Career Award in Phthalocyanine Chemistry
2018 (at ICPP-10) Roeland J.M. Nolte
2016 (at ICPP-9) Tomas Torres
2014 (at ICPP-8) Nagao Kobayashi
2012 (at ICPP-7) Hirofusa Shirai
2010 (at ICPP-6) Michael J. Cook
2008 (at ICPP-5) Eugene A. Luk'yanets
2006 (at ICPP-4) Clifford Leznoff
2004 (at ICPP-3) Dieter Wöhrle
2002 (at ICPP-2) A. Barry P. Lever
2000 (at ICPP-1) Malcolm E. Kenney
2000 (at ICPP-1) Michael Hanack**

Eraldo Antonini Award
2018 (at ICPP-10) John H. Dawson
2016 (at ICPP-9) Maurizio Brunori

2014 (at ICPP-8)
Gerd LaMar
2012 (at ICPP-7) Teizo Kitagawa
2010 (at ICPP-6) Thomas G. Spiro
2008 (at ICPP-5) Harry B. Gray
2006 (at ICPP-4) Ivano Bertini

Thomas Dougherty Award for Excellence in PDT
(sponsored by Roswell Park Cancer Institute)
2018 (at ICPP-9) Jonathan L. Sessler
2016 (at ICPP-9) Stanley B. Brown

2014 (at ICPP-8)
Johan van Lier
2012 (at ICPP-7) Charles J. Gomer
2010 (at ICPP-6) Ravindra Pandey
2008 (at ICPP-5) David Kessel

Lifetime Achievement Award for use of Porphyrinoids in Medicine and Material
2016 (at ICPP-9) Nai-Sheng Chen

A.N. Terenin Award in Porphyrin Spectroscopy
2008 (at ICPP-5) Konstantin N. Solovyov

Iwao Tabushi Award for Applications-Based Achievements
2002 (at ICPP-2) Thomas J. Dougherty

**phthalocyanine Career Award in 2000 formally titled the Dandridge Award