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SPP/JPP Young Investigator Awards

Nominations now open for ICPP-12 in 2022

Two or three SPP/JPP Young Investigator Awards will be given at ICPP-12 in recognition of significant original and independent work by scientists under the age of 40 at the time of the meeting. Although not absolutely required, individuals with an independent and permanent academic position will be given the highest consideration, all other factors being equal.


Candidates may be nominated by any member of the Society. The awardees will receive an honorarium and present a lecture at the ICPP-12 meeting in Madrid, Spain in 2022. They will also be expected to submit a new review or original research manuscript to JPP, the official journal of the Society.


Candidates should email :


2-3 letters of support, their CV and a list of publications (separated into those from PhD and post-doc studies, and those as an independent researcher), to Matthew, ICPP co-organizer in the Dijon SPP Office at - prior to 15 November 2021.


A list of past award winners can be found below :


Previous SPP/JPP Award Winners
2020 (at ICPP-11) Rui Cao
2020 (at ICPP-11) Marina K. Kuimova
2020 (at ICPP-11) Pui-Chi Lo


2018 (at ICPP-10) Andrés de la Escosura Navazo (John Shelnutt Award)
2018 (at ICPP-10) Satoru Hiroto
2018 (at ICPP-10) Jonathan Lovell

(at ICPP-9) Giovanni Bottari (John Shelnutt Award)
2016 (at ICPP-9) Alessandro D'Urso
2016 (at ICPP-9) Lijuan Jiao
2016 (at ICPP-9) Soji Shimizu

2014 (at ICPP-8) Taku Hasobe
2014 (at ICPP-8) Abhishek Dey

2012 (at ICPP-7) Hiromitsu Maeda
2012 (at ICPP-7) David Gonzalez Rodriguez

2010 (at ICPP-6) Mahdi M. Abu-omar
2010 (at ICPP-6) Pall Thordarson
2010 (at ICPP-6) Zhen Shen

2008 (at ICPP-5) Kei Ohkubo
2008 (at ICPP-5) Alison Thompson
2008 (at ICPP-5) Daniel T. Gryko

2006 (at ICPP-4) David Goldberg
2006 (at ICPP-4) Steven J. Langford
2006 (at ICPP-4) Masayuki Takeuchi

2004 (at ICPP-3) Dirk Michael Guldi
2004 (at ICPP-3) Philip A. Gale
2004 (at ICPP-3) Maria da Graça H. Vicente
2004 (at ICPP-3) Alan Edward Rowan

2002 (at ICPP-2) Hiroshi Imahori
2002 (at ICPP-2) Michael J. Therien
2002 (at ICPP-2) Naoto Ishikawa

2000 (at ICPP-1) Anthony Burrell
2000 (at ICPP-1) Takashi Hayashi
2000 (at ICPP-1) Neil McKeown
2000 (at ICPP-1) Derck Schlettwein