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List of specialized symposia for ICPP-11
Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Topics to be covered in microsymposia include the physics, chemistry, biology, material science, engineering, nanotechnology, medical and biomedical or industrial applications of porphyrins, phthalocyanines and related macrocycles.

As at past ICPPs, this virtual eleventh conference on porphyrins and phthalocyanines aims at gathering together numerous topics related to this exciting family of molecules. All aspects of porphyrins, phthalocyanines and related macrocycles will be recorded in the form of Plenary Lectures, Award Lectures, short oral presentations and posters over the full six-day period of the meeting.

The list of scheduled symposia is presented below.

ICPP-11 Virtual Meeting Specialized Symposia Schedule (PDF)

I. SYNTHESIS (8 symposia)

1.  SubPcs, SubPzs, SubPors and Related Contracted Porphyrinoids
M. Salome Rodriguez-Morgade & Soji Shimizu

2. Synthesis and Properties of Phthalocyanines and related compounds
Tomas Torres, Andrew Cammidge, Gema de la Torre & Miguel Garcia-Iglesias

3. BODIPY Dyes
Francis D’Souza

4. Corrole (Synthesis and applications)
Daniel Gryko & Roberto Paolesse

5. Exotic Coordination Chemistry of Porphyrinoid Systems
Penny Brothers & Bernard Boitrel

6. N-confused and Other "mis-linked" Porphyrins and Porphyrinoids
Hiroyuki Furuta

7. Natural Porphyrinoid Pigments
Bernhard Kräutler & Franz-Peter Montforts

8. Porphycenes and other porphyrin isomers
Jacek Waluk


9. Exotic porphyrins and related systems’ covering the pi-expanded porphyrins and modified porphyrinoidsystems
Chang-Hee Lee

10. NIR-Responsive Porphyrinoids
Jishan Wu, Yoshihiro Matano & Hiroko Yamada

11. Novel Pyrrolic Macrocycles and Chromophores
John Mack & Zhen Shen

12. Advances in the Chemistry of Porphyrazines (Substituted and Annulated)
Pavel Stuzhin & Petr Zimcik

13. Hückel, Möbius, Baird and 3-Dimesional Aromaticity/Antiaromaticity in Porphyrinoids
Jonathan Sessler

14. Chiral Aspects of Porphyrin Supramolecular Chemistry
Nina Berova & Roberto Purrello

15. Radicals in porphyrins and related compounds
Satoru Hiroto

17. Optical, Electrical and Optoelectronic Phenomena in Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines
Ángela Sastre Santos & Fernando Fernandez Lazaro

III. MATERIALS (6 symposia)
18. Porphyrin-based chemical sensors
Marcel Bouvet & Corrado di Natale

19. Porphyrin and Biomolecules: a long-lasting friendship
Alessandro D’Urso & Eugen Stulz

20. Self-assembly of tetrapyrroles in biomaterials
Francesca Giuntini & Athanassios G. Coutsolelos

21. Chirality and Spatially Pre-Organized Multi-Porphyrinoids
Victor Borovkov & Nathalie Solladie

22. Self-Assembled Systems and Materials based on Porphyrinoids
M. Victoria Martinez-Diaz & Giovanni Bottari

23. Porphyrinoid Biohybrid Materials for Light Management Applications
Andres de la Escosura Navazo

IV. CATALYSIS & ENERGY (7 symposia)
24. Porphyrinoids for Water Splitting
Nicolas Boscher

26. From light harvesting to charge separation and charge transport
Francis D'Souza & Dirk Guldi

27. Porphyrinoids for Solar Cells
Hiroshi Imahori & Hong Wang

28. Photo- and Electro-Catalytic Processes
Zeev Gross

29. Biomimetic Solar Conversion
Fabrice Odobel

30. Catalytic Chemical Transformations by Metalloporphyrins
Emma Gallo

31. Charge, spin, energy, and atom transport in molecular and nanoscale systems
Michael Therien

32. Porphyrin Derivatives for Medical/Biological Applications
Claude P. Gros

34. Porphyrinoids-based nanoparticles for health
Fabienne Dumoulin & Vincent Sol

35. Photodynamic Therapy: Basic Sciences and Clinical Research
Anu Puri & Ravi Pandey

36. Translational Research and NIH funding Opportunities
David Kessel

37. Tumor Targeting Agents for (Multi)modal Imaging and Theranostics
Franck Denat & Jonathan Lovell

38. Molecular-targeted photomedicine for precision therapy
Bryan Q. Spring

39. Antimicrobial Photodynamic Therapy
Reza Ghiladi

VI. BIOCHEMISTRY (4 symposia)
40. Heme Proteins and Synthetic Analogues
John Dawson & Takashi Hayashi

41. Catalysis in natural and biosynthetic heme proteins
James Kincaid & Anabella Ivancich

44. Chemistry and Biology of corrinoids and related compounds
Felix Zelder & Dorota Gryko

45. Bio-Inspired Electrocatalysis for Energy and Environment: Heme vs Non-heme - Best of both worlds
Abhishek Dey

VII. THEORY & MODELLING (1 symposium)
46. Theory and spectroscopy
Martin J. Stillman & Nagao Kobayashi

VIII. Award/Plenary Lectures (1 symposium)
47. Award/Plenary Lectures